Reliability and security are a must in online banking. Using CitraTest©, ING-DiBa ensures that its customers have reliable 24 hour access to bank accounts and asset information.

Ten measuring robots have become valuable colleagues of ING-DiBa IT employees. Working around the clock, they simulate application sequences in predefined cycles and individually measure response times for log-on for 55 applications and in specific transactions. The measurements are stored in a central database, allowing historical evaluation of possible malfunctions, in addition to early identification and detailed up-to-date analysis of problems.

Real user simulation

100 percent user simulation was the deciding factor in choosing the monitoring solution. “Protocol-based calls are of little help,'' said the head of the IT operation center of ING-DiBa. “We need a measuring technique that is designed to precisely measure real-user behavior. And it is important for us not to have a predetermined fixed solution. We want to be able to operate independently and flexibly for the long term. CitraTest® was easy to implement, and we were quickly able to create our own scripts.”

„An absolutely essential solution for our IT monitoring.“
„An absolutely essential solution for our IT monitoring.“