Performance Analysis & Capacity Planning

Optimal IT infrastructure and top performance

Optimize your IT landscape and improve performance: SightLine® monitors the load and performance of IT services and components in detail, showing you current bottlenecks and future developments. Planned changes can be simulated and thus optimized in advance. With our software solution, you can scrutinize data centers and networks (front-end and back-end systems) as well as end-user devices (desktops).

SightLine® increases efficiency and quality in planning and managing the overprovisioning of your platforms. SightLine® helps PaaS providers to improve their competitive position. SightLine® supports all hosting models from VPS (Virtual Private Server), databases, web hosting and applications, such as WordPress to containers and serverless computing, and controls your OpenStack according to your needs.

Gain visibility into how your IT capacity is being used by customers, (micro-)services and virtual components at every level, from datacenter to thread, with SightLine®.

Assess your alternative measures by SightLine pre-playing various future scenarios and showing you the results.

Our customers particularly appreciate the rapid deployment and low hardware and personnel requirements for reliable and constant capacity planning and, if necessary, lightning-fast analysis of even the most complex performance problems.

Economic helper

Analyze real-time data, including data from external partners inside and outside the firewall, with our SightLine® solution, regardless of platforms, networks or applications. Thanks to automated reporting, IT departments improve and prove their performance. IT management receives valuable, absolutely valid decision-making aids. Your plus: SightLine® is characterized by measurement intervals that can be defined at will and an exceptionally low CPU consumption of less than 0.2% on average.

Call-back service

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Your goals:

  • Reliably fulfill IT service level agreements
  • Get most out of your budget
  • No surprises

Your solution: SightLine®.

Make sure all your key applications are always available and running fast - for satisfied end users.

Questions from our customers:

"Why is an IT service not performing at the desired level?"

"How are our capacity needs evolving based on current trends?"

"How resilient are our servers and networks?"

"What capacity requirements are new tasks placing on our systems?"

"How can we optimize the IT infrastructure and thereby reduce costs?"

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