Service Management

You have to measure what you want to control.(from Tom DeMarco)

Our software solutions not only guide you reliably through the 16 service management processes according to ITIL®v4, but also provide you with the necessary basic data about current as well as future load and performance of your systems in different future scenarios, so that you can align your service goals and your measures according to economic criteria.

If you want to improve your agility with DevOps and accelerate your development cycles, automate your tests and releases with our solutions.

Our customers also use our solutions for their core business. In addition to IT, our solutions maintain properties and fire engines, monitor industrial production and control predictive maintenance.

Are you dependent on individual employees? Relieve your employees of this pressure and reduce your business risk: our software solutions standardise your processes and make knowledge available in the right places. Contact us so that a substitute can take over seamlessly at any time.

Call-back service

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Your questions?

  • What do I need to invest to meet the customer requirement?
  • How do I improve my service quality most efficiently?
  • How will the planned changes affect the service?
  • How do I ensure that all process steps are reliably completed?
  • How do I ensure that the required information is available for each process step?
  • How do I know if the deployment was successful?