GUI Automation

CitraTest® controls your screen flow at all stages of the software lifecycle, even across applications for all purposes, all applications and all platforms:

Once a process has been defined, you can use it in all stages without making any changes or recombine parts of the process in each stage according to your wishes. CitraTest allows you to easily revert back to once-defined processes. All you need to do is change the centrally stored, included sequence part so that it works for all your automations. This saves you a lot of time in the development and maintenance of your screen automation, according to our customers' experience up to 60% compared to other solutions.

CitraTest extends Microsoft .NET. Therefore, in addition to automatic screen control, the programming interfaces of all installed applications are available to you. So you can easily bring data from programmes to the screen and pass it from the screen to programmes.

An easy-to-use development environment and intuitive commands make sequence design child's play and the finished sequence easy to understand. With the additional module "IC TestAutomation" you can even keep the script code completely invisible.

Do you already use screen automation? Does your tool fail in some tasks? CitraTest has mastered all challenges so far! Its special strengths also lead you to success in VDI environments such as Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Microsoft Terminal Server! Put us to the test!

Call-back service

Immediate information and the right contact.


GUI tests without programming

Click together the test using a video recording of the workflow.

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Service Monitoring, APM, UXM and RPA

Automate screen routines across applications and systems, document inputs, results and system performance from a user perspective in an audit-proof manner.

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GUI-based load tests

Can your application only be controlled via the user interface? CitraTest reliably controls all processes even across applications and scales to the desired number of users.

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