Reduce printing costs, improve emissions balance:

Motivate your employees to get involved!

IT experts know all too well that printers eat up money: Paper, toner, ink, electricity. Another issue is emissions such as noise, heat or fine dust, which cannot be completely avoided even with modern high-tech printers.

Environmentally and cost-conscious handling of all media.

According to studies, around 80 percent of all printouts are for internal use, and around half of these end up in the wastebasket or shredder at the end of the day. As the person responsible for IT or the company manager, you would therefore be well advised to motivate employees to use printers and copiers in an environmentally and cost-conscious manner.

Top emissions balance and also reduce costs.

How can you do this? The best way to motivate employees is to arouse their personal interest and show them ways to achieve their goals - for example, with our InterAct® solution. Print Awareness" is an innovative technology for managing and reducing printing costs.

With "Print Awareness" you can improve your company's carbon footprint. The precise high-level component supports you in minimizing printing costs. It measures and documents the printer usage of the entire company as well as the printing behavior of employees and provides effective result reports. This creates transparency and encourages employees to think and participate. Enjoy engaged employees who see themselves as part of an environmentally and cost-friendly initiative.

Creating awareness protects the environment and the wallet

Hidden printer costs

  • 44% of all printouts are unnecessary
  • According to an IDC study, 23% of all helpdesk calls are about printer-related problems; for example, IT support at a 750-employee company spends an average of 3,700 hours annually on the printer pool.
  • according to Gartner Group calculations, the cost per page for shared printers is $0.02 lower than for desktop printers

Reduce your environmental footprint

  • Reduce paper consumption while increasing efficiency
  • print less means save electricity
  • reduce consumption of toner, ink and cartridges
  • Green is a must, not just a trend - for the environment and your wallet

save toner and ink

  • GPA Printing Intelligence with the latest algorithms reduces the consumption of toner and ink without compromising the quality of the printouts
  • choose between twelve saving levels from 5% to 60% depending on the type of document (text, images, graphics)
  • suitable for all printers from all manufacturers
  • compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, Novell, etc.)
  • supports all platforms and all printer command languages (PCL5, PCL6, Postscript, AFP, etc.)
  • for all types of printing: driver-based by the end user, batch printing or integrated products or printing processes

Conscious brings advantages

  • get valuable information about who prints what, when, where and at what price
  • numerous detailed reports
  • an innovative print management strategy gives you more control and reduces the overall volume of printouts
  • make everyone more aware of how they use the printer
  • save toner, ink, paper and electricity
  • reduce printing costs by up to 50%
  • full implementation possible without end-user training

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