Passive Desktop-Oriented End-to-End Monitoring


For high-quality IT services and satisfied users - the solution for all-round monitoring of end-user workstations

Are your users frustrated? InterAct® provides IT managers with all important information on the quality of services. All PCs, networks, servers, applications, etc. are recorded. The goal is to reduce or completely eliminate end-user dissatisfaction.

Proactive rather than reactive! Many companies do not have a clear idea of what problems their employees are actually facing. When problems arise, InterAct® alerts your support team proactively and before end users even notice.

Here's how it works: InterAct® collects, captures and analyzes performance, inventory, consumption and usage data for all workstations available on a network. The data is based on actual user activity. The passive, agent-based technology provides detailed and ongoing insight into the quality of IT services. At the same time, starting points for technical, financial and environmental improvements can be found.

Cloud Computing

InterAct® Cloud is a SaaS (Software as a Service) delivered via the cloud to monitor the working environment of end users. The InterAct® agent is installed in minutes; as it requires no administration, this immediately reduces operational costs. InterAct® Cloud is suitable for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to corporations.


User identification is done via a domain server. All InterAct® applications that require authentication work according to the same scheme: identification (Windows authentication or name/password), then verification of identity on the domain server and verification of the user group in the company directory (Active Directory).


The IA-Mobility module enables monitoring of applications on both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The module works according to the same principles that are used to monitor classic workstations (Windows PCs).

InterAct® solutions at a glance

IA-Green IT
Green IT: IA-Capacity Planning
Green IT: IA-Ink Saver
Green IT: IA-Power Saver
IT-ATM: especially for ATMs

IA-Knowledge provides an unbiased view of the complete workstations. For example, USB peripherals, printers, batteries or POS machines can also be included in the analysis. This gives you a complete overview of the entire IT environment at all times.


IA-Governance supports you in complying with internal company or legal requirements for security, updates and data protection. Workstations that do not comply are detected, as are the connection of unauthorized data media (USB sticks, external hard drives, etc.), the installation of third-party software or sessions with administrator rights.


With IA Performance, you measure whether applications are in compliance with existing service agreements. For this purpose, the entire architecture of an information system is examined in real time: remote and local servers, connections, network equipment and the software configuration of the workstations. What is measured is exactly what is made available to the end user.


With IA Helpdesk, you leave the role of the firefighter who is always called in when there is a fire. Instead, you anticipate and resolve problems before their impact is noticed. To do this, all actions and incipient problems on the workstations are recorded and related to the technical environment (CPU, memory, hard disk, abnormal processes or response time problems).

IA-Green IT

InterAct® solutions provide many starting points for more environmentally compatible IT use. You can improve your company's ecological footprint and reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Green IT solutions (see below):

  • IA Capacity Planning
  • IA Ink Saver
  • IA-Power Saver
Green IT: IA-Capacity Planning

With predictive planning, you align workstation inventory with the individual needs of end users. By capturing the needs and usage of different groups, devices can be swapped among employees in a targeted manner. Only the PCs that are actually obsolete need to be replaced with new ones. Routine complete replacement of PC groups is a thing of the past with IA-Capacity Planning.

Green IT: IA-Ink Saver

With IA-Ink Saver, you improve your carbon footprint and minimize printing costs. The module captures all printer data, monitors printing processes, compares material costs from different suppliers and reduces toner and ink usage in printers.

Green IT: IA-Power Saver

IA-Power Saver keeps a constant eye on energy consumption; energy-saving potentials of PCs and printers are identified unerringly. This benefits the environment and energy costs.

IT-ATM: especially for ATMs

With a special agent, InterAct® solutions can also be used to monitor ATMs. No other solution available on the market meets the requirements of banks as comprehensively as IT-ATM. This allows you to monitor ATMs just as easily as an end-user workstation.

Call-back service

Immediate information and the right contact.

Your goals:

  • Improve the performance of workstations
  • Increase quality of IT services
  • Minimize downtime
  • Adhere to agreed service levels
  • Anticipate need for change and optimization potential
  • Combine appropriate equipment and current employee needs
  • Analyze project performance
  • Planning of software updates

Your solution: InterAct®

Ensure that all important applications are always available and running fast - for satisfied end users.

Requirements of our customers:

"Users must be able to work smoothly at all times."

"Our applications have to run smoothly and quickly."

"We need high IT service quality and proof of it."

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