Load Testing

Valid measurement results:

Lean, fast and easy to use

Perform load tests routinely and conveniently with our CitraTest VU® solution. Consistent script execution and intelligent synchronization ensure stable start-ups. While other solutions run with delays between the individual steps, so that scripts can fail as soon as the environment is overloaded, our solution - like all software solutions from the CitraTest family - works with a dynamic image recognition system. In this way, you receive valid measurement results at all times.

For all applications and all server environments

Load tests can be performed with the help of our CitraTest VU® solution without any major programming effort; this saves time and money. In addition, scripts from other CitraTest application areas can be adopted for the load tests.

CitraTest VU® also supports all applications without exception (cf. ICTestAutomation) and requires extremely little capacity. This allows you to run load tests for several servers simultaneously from a single load computer.

Call-back service

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Your goals:

  • Load testing
  • easy integration into existing test management systems of well-known vendors such as HP, IBM Rational, Compuware and others
  • Sizing of desktop virtualization environments such as Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Terminal Services, KVM, etc.

Your solution: CitraTestVU®

Ensure that all important applications are always available and running fast - for satisfied end users.

Questions from our customers:

"Will our applications still work under heavy load?"

"Will all business-critical applications run fast enough on employees' end devices?"

"Can we still meet our SLAs under high network and server load?"

...and we deliver the right solution.
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